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Jazz/Modern'Jazz, JDA Junior, Initiation, Body awakening, Baby Dance

Kayoko Watanabe

Japanese, Kayoko Watanabe was trained in classical dance and contemporary jazz in Japan and France. A versatile dancer, she began her career as a jazz dancer at the age of 20 in a creation by the Broadway Dance Center of Tokyo in Japan and danced in France in creations by Jean Guizerix, Candice and Delphine Schoevaert, Sylviane Catherine, Philippe Fialho, Cécile Theil-Mourad and Patricia Castejon, among others. At the same time, she was training for the state diploma of dance teacher, in the pedagogical section with Cathy Bisson, which opened the way to teaching in several international schools.

Kayoko lives in Switzerland since March 2019, and has been a dance teacher in various schools in the canton of Vaud and has also been invited to give master classes and judge the International Coastal Dance Competition. She has been a French state-qualified jazz dance teacher since 2007, and has her own Fusion Ballet Company, C.F.B. since 2015 and her own school, Jazz Dance Academy Montreux, which she founded and directs since November 2020.

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Classical Dance, initiation

Marie-Hélène Rey Lescure

Marie-Hélène Rey Lescure, a French-Swiss woman, has always been passionate about classical dance, having practised it assiduously since she was very young, and she very quickly had the vocation to share this passion. It is with a lot of benevolence that she tries to transmit the taste of the effort, the rigour, the perseverance but also the joy and the pleasure of dancing which one feels by practising this marvellous art.

Between 1995 and 2013, Marie-Hélène danced in many shows at the Theatre of Vevey within the framework of Animai as well as for the shows of the school "Les Sylphides" in Montreux. Since 2015, she has been a teacher at the Igokat dance academy in Lausanne and a dance instructor for "Jeunesse + Sport" in Switzerland (youth and children's section).

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