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Founded by Kayoko Watanabe in 2023, Junior Jazz Ballet Montreux (JJBM) is a junior company supported by Jazz Dance Academy Montreux. JJBM is made up of dancers aged between 17 and 25, from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. At the same time, JJBM also offers younger dancers the chance to discover this profession as apprentice amateur dancers, aged 11 to 17, and also training at the Jazz Dance Academy Montreux by following the JDA junior cursus. The concept of this company is to enable the youngest dancers (apprentice amateurs) to develop in a more professional way alongside professional dancers and to gain a better understanding of the professional dance environment. JJBM presents creations of professional quality, and exploits jazz, classical and contemporary dance techniques beyond the usual procedures within a teaching structure.

We are very pleased to present the second performance of the new pieces of the Junior Jazz Ballet Montreux (JJBM) on the occasion of the third show of the academy, at the Salle des Remparts, with Mina Schürer and Antonin Mélon, professional dancer and guest, on Sunday 9 June 2024.


At the age of 9, Mina discovered rhythmic gymnastics (GRS) and joined the CRP Bern/Neuchâtel, where she participated in various GRS championships, such as the Cantonal Championships in Bern and the Swiss Championships, where she won gold medals. She joined the Swiss national junior team in GRS in 2007. In 2008, she started her dance training at the Barbara Bernard Ballet School in Grenchen/Solothurn. She participated in the Solothurn competition in 2010 and 2011, finishing 7th and 4th.

In 2012 she danced at the Basel Dance Academy (BDA) where she performed a solo, "Insekt" by Dietmar Seyffert, as well as "Last Dance" by Sergio Bustinduy. In 2013, she was engaged as a dancer by the Theater Basel for the production of Elmar Goerden's opera "Manon". In 2015, she danced at the Igokat Academy, where she performed various leading roles. In 2017, she passed the audition of the School l'Atelier Rudra Béjart in Lausanne under the direction of Michel Gascard where she continued her training for 2 years. In the creation "DIXIT" of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, she dances Maurice Béjart's "Sacre du Printemps". Since 2019, she is a soloist with the Igokat Company.

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Antonin Mélon was born on Réunion Island, where he discovered the world of dance. He trained in a contemporary dance at the Conservatoire before later joining the Ballet Junior de Genève.

He then joined the Marchepied company and the Philippe Saire company in Lausanne. At the same time, he co-founded the Did Sapano company with Jérôme Février to devote himself to creation.

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Photo © Jordi Teres

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